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2HYPE Extreme Basketball Forfeit Challenge w/ LoveLiveServe 

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This week we have our wildest round of forfeits yet! No Spoilers but someone has the most unlucky run we've ever seen.

Huge shout out to LoveLiveServe for coming by and going through all of the craziness with us. Make sure you check them out!


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Tyson Wallace
Tyson Wallace Ditë më parë
Nobody: Cash in every video: “gotta pay the bills”
Tavia Cathey
Tavia Cathey 2 ditë më parë
Rip moochie 4:02
Tyler Reeves-Woods
Tyler Reeves-Woods 2 ditë më parë
The scream before jesser screamed was hilarious😂😂😂
Jack Constantinou
Jack Constantinou 3 ditë më parë
Bro I get such a good feeling why I watch you guys, keep it up cuz all u guys just getting together hooping and joking is the best thing on ALdesk!
Lil ankle bully
Lil ankle bully 3 ditë më parë
Cash:ah that’s my fuckin water
RUTHLESSZY 3 ditë më parë
When Zack hit his knee I was crying 😭😭
Angel Alcalde
Angel Alcalde 4 ditë më parë
bruh las ruined the vid
Sinister Googly
Sinister Googly 4 ditë më parë
33:14 I'm 14 and I feel you moochie 😂😂
Sinister Googly
Sinister Googly 4 ditë më parë
Im irish is why*
matteo.g3 8 ditë më parë
Jesus loves you
Kasankamliu Rengmunta
Kasankamliu Rengmunta 9 ditë më parë
Cash Wasted m dead🤣🤣
mikethebeast823 9 ditë më parë
i wish they had tuffy and rob as well but ik tuffy is doing college in another state and rob does other stuff too, so maybe in the future
mikethebeast823 9 ditë më parë
bro both of these groups are funny asf but to see this is big claps and would have been even better if the 2hype game did a skit with lls
Jordan I Pena
Jordan I Pena 9 ditë më parë
They need electronic spin the wheel
SVS Delta
SVS Delta 11 ditë më parë
lukas cruz
lukas cruz 12 ditë më parë
i live in texas so it is always hot
Luke Smith (B.balluke)
Luke Smith (B.balluke) 12 ditë më parë
Anderson Santos
Anderson Santos 12 ditë më parë
Mitchell look like the beast titan
John Garcia
John Garcia 13 ditë më parë
finally someone more light skin than Zack
Chromecar69 14 ditë më parë
Zack: arrrrrrnghhh
Bottled Water
Bottled Water 15 ditë më parë
Nobody... rhino the whole video 👏🏼
Ethan Peds
Ethan Peds 16 ditë më parë
Omg LLS are absolute garbage 😭
Hakaishin Vegeta
Hakaishin Vegeta 15 ditë më parë
@Ethan Peds Well other from that they did better than 2hype bud. But of course they're no where near good
Ethan Peds
Ethan Peds 15 ditë më parë
U must not be a basketball player. I watched both of them go about 0-20 from the free throw line bud
Hakaishin Vegeta
Hakaishin Vegeta 15 ditë më parë
Their form is what's garbage
Hakaishin Vegeta
Hakaishin Vegeta 15 ditë më parë
They did better than 2 hype...
Tristin Dance
Tristin Dance 16 ditë më parë
Am I the only one wishing these we will come back
KD 17 ditë më parë
Mochies chest “welcome to the jungle
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 17 ditë më parë
The mundane find histochemically suspend because pepper preferably scorch than a nutty shade. dreary, beautiful wren
Barney 17 ditë më parë
Moochie got violated man 😂
Adam Shaikh
Adam Shaikh 17 ditë më parë
2hype and LoveLiveServe are 2 of my favorite ALdeskrs. So happy they collabed (btw Jesse looks like a little boy in this vid)
Fai Abueva (Kae Min Ra)
Fai Abueva (Kae Min Ra) 18 ditë më parë
I don't know but Cash is really funny. Good vibes.
Blake Hawkes
Blake Hawkes 20 ditë më parë
I live in Montana 57 is shorts whether
AG3JR 20 ditë më parë
57 degrees isn’t cold in Washington state
COLEX 20 ditë më parë
I feels so bad for moochie
PRGN Jimbo
PRGN Jimbo 21 ditë më parë
James tries way too hard on his shooting form lmao. Mans tries to do half court shots with a perfect form LMAO
Itz Zello
Itz Zello 22 ditë më parë
Mitchel GOT SHORTS !
Jj Clostio
Jj Clostio 22 ditë më parë
rhino straight ass at basketball
Donevan Hughes
Donevan Hughes 22 ditë më parë
Zack says he doesn't like tomatoes But he ate tomatoe Burgers pizza Zack lied
Adam Scott
Adam Scott 23 ditë më parë
I think Moochie walked under a ladder broke a mirror and seen a black cat
Joe Hyde
Joe Hyde 23 ditë më parë
Bently Hodge
Bently Hodge 24 ditë më parë
Poor moochi
Bently Hodge
Bently Hodge 24 ditë më parë
Poor. Muchi
Karim ElKateb
Karim ElKateb 24 ditë më parë
Hey Jesser where do you live
ChickenMcNuggets 25 ditë më parë
18:47 where have I seen this dude before? Anyone know?
Myron 4k
Myron 4k 25 ditë më parë
Cash blaming the weather 😂
Rawinder Singh
Rawinder Singh 25 ditë më parë
Cash finessed y’all haha, he took 5 steps back but didn’t shoot with his offhand 😂😂😂
Matthew Alaniz
Matthew Alaniz 26 ditë më parë
i stg the only thing funny was when zack hit is shin in the bench...he yells like an old man🤣🤣
BigHead BOI
BigHead BOI 26 ditë më parë
why does rhino look like matt barnes
Brody Widdis
Brody Widdis 27 ditë më parë
I wish James got something bad he was being annoying
Visual Jay (young_tune-jay)
where is rob
Anthony Greear
Anthony Greear Muaj më parë
Am I the only one who just doesn’t like Jeidel
Justin Valentin
Justin Valentin Muaj më parë
Rhino and khris are twins
[Recon13]Rope Muaj më parë
Without mope the video isn't that fun
Dylan Wheeler
Dylan Wheeler Muaj më parë
nightvision1090 Muaj më parë
Looks like Alex from GMM 🔥
Jonah Randle
Jonah Randle Muaj më parë
Haven’t seen cash hit top of the key inna while
Jojo Pitt
Jojo Pitt Muaj më parë
Jesus and God is alive and love you repent
Jojo Pitt
Jojo Pitt Muaj më parë
Jesus and God is alive and love you repent
Kaleb the god Schropp
Kaleb the god Schropp Muaj më parë
Why did Zakk make dinosaur noises when you get injured
Kaleb the god Schropp
Kaleb the god Schropp Muaj më parë
I called cash on the habanero pepper
邱昱凱 Muaj më parë
top of the key
Aidan IsCool
Aidan IsCool Muaj më parë
Oh yeah this a banger
xFlqless_ IMO
xFlqless_ IMO Muaj më parë
Rip steageek court
Brett Quennell
Brett Quennell Muaj më parë
damn I feel bad for Rhino he looks like he dont wanna be there
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo Muaj më parë
Mitchell Makes milk look drippy
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo Muaj më parë
I feel so bad for Moochie
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo Muaj më parë
I like the shoes Zack!
TheMavyMavz Muaj më parë
Get cash some milk. Milk is better. water makes it worse
Ben Zawitz
Ben Zawitz Muaj më parë
What about RØB
Brayden Larkin
Brayden Larkin Muaj më parë
The guy in the beanie looks like Matt Barnes
SpongeBobs Burner
SpongeBobs Burner Muaj më parë
heef beef
heef beef Muaj më parë
So Alex left GMM to Join 2Hype? I never saw it coming
Dante Pierascenzi
Dante Pierascenzi Muaj më parë
cash looked mad the hole video
Ty Skaug
Ty Skaug Muaj më parë
When Cash walked up after the hot chip and hit straight backboard 😂😂😂
Zorojuro Muaj më parë
Bruh 57 degrees is cold to y'all, come to Canada in the winter it can get up to -30 degrees
cadenexe Muaj më parë
My fav collab
Adam Little
Adam Little Muaj më parë
Rhino is 6” something and this man makes him look small 😂
Justin Chavez
Justin Chavez Muaj më parë
Bro rinos form is 😵
123 Four5Six
123 Four5Six Muaj më parë
Noah got that Kevin duckworth form
W3aly Muaj më parë
I was 14 min in to the video then I paused cause I had to go for a sec then I came back, looked at the video duration and was like: 42 minutes WOT THE FOCK
Jeremiah Muaj më parë
This is so rigged bro nothing even happened to james
Jeremiah Muaj më parë
I feel so bad for moochie
Btl Sebastian
Btl Sebastian Muaj më parë
kris can be a commentator
Btl Sebastian
Btl Sebastian Muaj më parë
but then kris for theres a hose for water
Btl Sebastian
Btl Sebastian Muaj më parë
i feel bad for moochie fr
Gavin McKenzie
Gavin McKenzie Muaj më parë
Moochie down bad 😂
SOLOxFN Muaj më parë
2hype:It’s cold out here it’s 57 degrees Me: It’s so hot it’s 20 degrees
Bentley Hoops
Bentley Hoops Muaj më parë
Does Jesse have natural curly hair or a purm
Mellow Muaj më parë
Came from the vlogs
Arshiya Azmi
Arshiya Azmi Muaj më parë
35:42 Was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
BOB Muaj më parë
Yo I thought rhino was a lot taller
Tstormer Muaj më parë
that wheel is weighted
Tstormer Muaj më parë
their camera man used to work on gmm
Viral Muaj më parë
Rhyno said bye like he never coming back lol
Savage_ quique
Savage_ quique Muaj më parë
They will never say another word to y’all I already know like bruh you is never seein dem again
Gabe Wattley
Gabe Wattley Muaj më parë
Dang rhino got more excuses than flight
Funny With A Side Of Fishing
I have a video idea 2hype goes fishing
Yamin Ibrahim
Yamin Ibrahim Muaj më parë
bro, y'all act like 57 degrees is 0 degrees farhanite, here thats the average weather at the end of spring to beginning of summer
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Muaj më parë
Jesse look like he was abouta cry after that cake 😂
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Muaj më parë
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Muaj më parë
Rip moochie
Kyle Mikula
Kyle Mikula Muaj më parë
Noah and James are so annoying
Christopher Long
Christopher Long Muaj më parë
Ice bucket with no Ice dafaq is that
Faded Shadows
Faded Shadows Muaj më parë
Anyone else wanted them to cut back to Zack's beautiful "I got a feeling that I'm gonna get f*cked over" song?
Floezy Muaj më parë
Faqja Tjeter
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