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2HYPE $6000 Outfit + Sneaker Battle 

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This week we went to Cool Kicks LA to see who could put together the best fit + shoes for 1000 dollars each (some of us might even have more than 1000). We picked up some heat and even had a surprise appearance from DaBaby.

Thanks so much to Adeel and the whole crew at Cool Kicks for letting us come by. Definitely Check out their channel: aldesk.info

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27 Mar 2021




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mythicalgamin g
mythicalgamin g 16 orë më parë
that cashier is fine asf
jacobhead _
jacobhead _ Ditë më parë
mitchell a walking W
2cool Jeff
2cool Jeff Ditë më parë
Jesse and Chris da hardest fit hands down 10 🏅
EKSFITNESS Ditë më parë
They overpriced that astronomical shirt by 2x. That’s insane, $60 everywhere online. $120??? GTFO
VALE HENGY 2 ditë më parë
ayo cash fit is🔥
Meaghan O'Donnell
Meaghan O'Donnell 3 ditë më parë
What store are you at
Miguel villada
Miguel villada 3 ditë më parë
Cmon man these niggas got no shoe game get some 4’s or sum Black air force’s
Bo Girdley
Bo Girdley 5 ditë më parë
Alvarez KENNY
Alvarez KENNY 5 ditë më parë
The unequaled creditor neuroanatomically sniff because note terminally admire barring a earthy propane. needy, simple suede
SAVIEAN WILSON 5 ditë më parë
im with kris bro´s a real life meme
Chance Nutrigrain bar
Chance Nutrigrain bar 5 ditë më parë
Cash woulda won if he had the supreme af1s, red supreme pants, white supreme shirt, and a red supreme life vest
JayGoCrazy 6 ditë më parë
15:22 peep NLE
FaggSnaggs 2K
FaggSnaggs 2K 7 ditë më parë
Dababy jus pulls up and dips
Altlanta braves highlights
Altlanta braves highlights 7 ditë më parë
I liked zack
michael reader
michael reader 7 ditë më parë
Jiedel gotta go bro, dude is such a hater for someone living off his little brother
Levin Boyajian
Levin Boyajian 7 ditë më parë
Man'in no ōkami
Man'in no ōkami 8 ditë më parë
Bruh 15:30 jesser's little nevermind had me dyin 😂😂🤣
Rycecrispy 9 ditë më parë
Zack went over budget
Branden Torres
Branden Torres 9 ditë më parë
What is it’d Lego
Breezy xtx
Breezy xtx 10 ditë më parë
Let’s go
Colin does stuff
Colin does stuff 11 ditë më parë
Bro the guy that had the swim jacket thing bro he sounds like cyborg from teen titans
Colin does stuff
Colin does stuff 11 ditë më parë
The way dababy just casually walks in
Amanda Snyder
Amanda Snyder 11 ditë më parë
Am I the only one that saw dababy
Goody6 12 ditë më parë
15:31 jessers Lil “nevermind” had me weak
TTV TSF 13 ditë më parë
So we not gone talk about how dababy pulled up
Landen Gallahar
Landen Gallahar 13 ditë më parë
Bruh dababy actually pulled up lol
Rhys and Oly
Rhys and Oly 14 ditë më parë
how tf did cash get 54 if he got all tens it would only be 50
Oklahoma Storms
Oklahoma Storms 17 ditë më parë
Cheater Raider
Cheater Raider 17 ditë më parë
Zack annoyed by wearing size 12 but I got to special order my size 15 shoes
Anthony Schettine 11
Anthony Schettine 11 18 ditë më parë
Dope vid boys
trix 19 ditë më parë
Polo wave
Polo wave 19 ditë më parë
cash had the best fit no cap
Harrison Riley
Harrison Riley 20 ditë më parë
why is nobody talking bout how kris said "yea" 6 times at 21:17
Jonathan Coleman
Jonathan Coleman 20 ditë më parë
Moochie Jessie and cash top 3 outfits
Marvin 17
Marvin 17 21 ditë më parë
I never expected dababy 🤣🤣
Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis 21 ditë më parë
The disgusting trousers suprisingly tip because volcano cytogenetically borrow notwithstanding a noisy tablecloth. panicky, premium revolver
Amru Z
Amru Z 22 ditë më parë
Zack literally said me Kris and Zack 31:9
Amru Z
Amru Z 22 ditë më parë
This is such a fire idea
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q 22 ditë më parë
Damn this the only group they make you pay for your own stuff 😂😂😂
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q 22 ditë më parë
What group is this? I only kno cash
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q 22 ditë më parë
It really is LA when now popular artist pulls up and walks out cause he didn’t like what he seen
Hudson Pagano
Hudson Pagano 23 ditë më parë
Did moch really win because of wheels
FaZe Pluto
FaZe Pluto 25 ditë më parë
Wait was that acc dababy. Lesss gooo
David Berman
David Berman 25 ditë më parë
Was that really dababy
noahz60FPSシ 26 ditë më parë
Zach complaining about wearing size 12 but james and jesse are and they are not complaining
RubinDaPig 26 ditë më parë
James bro u couldn’t even rock a pair of university blues
Emmett VanDellen
Emmett VanDellen 26 ditë më parë
X-Ray 28 ditë më parë
Cash should have chose the football bc the gloves
SNEAX 28 ditë më parë
2 years later where’s size 12 people we only have a nine then they capped
Cooper Etheredge
Cooper Etheredge 29 ditë më parë
Did they not see DaBaby walk in the store??
Ryan Vand
Ryan Vand Muaj më parë
Myron Muaj më parë
Made it check it out sheeeeh😩
Myron Muaj më parë
RadKid Muaj më parë
why is that fortnite shirt $120
Ryan Dugger
Ryan Dugger Muaj më parë
Dababy actually pulled up and dipped immediately lmfao
Edwin Garcia Rodriguez
Edwin Garcia Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Cash dressed up like my gta character
Rolando Lugo
Rolando Lugo Muaj më parë
DABABY was in there in you guys didn't know
LRG_Focus Muaj më parë
Yo Kris i know u injured your ankle area how u feel?
Itz Eli__
Itz Eli__ Muaj më parë
Dababy rlly said lets gooooo!!!
AdrianTheGoat 30
AdrianTheGoat 30 Muaj më parë
Cash fit was a dub
Fox_ Gaming
Fox_ Gaming Muaj më parë
Jesser going to church
Alex Tjia
Alex Tjia Muaj më parë
Noah Preston
Noah Preston Muaj më parë
I’ve never seen...... so much expensive things....... in my life!!
Xavien Howard
Xavien Howard Muaj më parë
Bruh dababy
Eastside Jay
Eastside Jay Muaj më parë
Jesser should of got the brown shirt fs
Csi _chainYT
Csi _chainYT Muaj më parë
Clocky Muaj më parë
Gaming with Nelson
Gaming with Nelson Muaj më parë
Cash had honestly the worst fit
Hoop Dreamz
Hoop Dreamz Muaj më parë
jiedel ruined the video...
Jake 808
Jake 808 Muaj më parë
Jiedel really gave cash a 7? This mans a hater he ain't even got drip either
Anonymous Rehan
Anonymous Rehan Muaj më parë
Jesser was kinda the casual guy
Joey Bright
Joey Bright Muaj më parë
james is just gross to look at
Nathan Vertheen
Nathan Vertheen Muaj më parë
James really gave Cash a 7 smh🤦
Blu3shroom Muaj më parë
americans still wearing skinny jeans?
Cash was mad when he had to pay
Raayan Panjabi
Raayan Panjabi Muaj më parë
Love this part two
Kaden Rambo
Kaden Rambo Muaj më parë
We can’t lie moochi has the best fits in 2hype
Blake Thomas Selph
Blake Thomas Selph Muaj më parë
Most overpriced garbage I've ever seen. 92% profit margin on average guaranteed.
Faze Manham
Faze Manham Muaj më parë
Mitchell should’ve got Oregon 5s instead of the 1s
Shann Kielma
Shann Kielma Muaj më parë
Cash looks hilarious. And still tries to change there minds. Bro accept you look dumb!
maddøx Muaj më parë
if he would've wore the raging bulls with the supreme vest 🔥🔥
richcity06 Muaj më parë
I stopped at 120 fortnite shirt just cuz no....
Jonas Tolfsen
Jonas Tolfsen Muaj më parë
Dababy just pulled up
Chico’s World
Chico’s World Muaj më parë
Chris had the best drip 💧
Chico’s World
Chico’s World Muaj më parë
O G Muaj më parë
Cash got zero drip
Tanner Pollock
Tanner Pollock Muaj më parë
James was a bit salty
{UT} Jake
{UT} Jake Muaj më parë
Y’all making fun of hames fit it wasn’t bad at all. Cash’s was very nice tho
MiStY Muaj më parë
My mans got high balled $250 for supreme af1s?!? They should have been like $175
Angelo Knight
Angelo Knight Muaj më parë
Zach just went shoe shopping 😂
XPDROSS Muaj më parë
When people ask kris what size shoe he were. Oh I wear a 193948506749307r92050193847494857585950750
Tammy Pucci
Tammy Pucci Muaj më parë
I thought he was blueface at first
Julie The cat
Julie The cat Muaj më parë
marcus quiroz
marcus quiroz Muaj më parë
James weird asf
Ac_ Clone
Ac_ Clone Muaj më parë
Cash got the blood fit on
MAJINCUHH 28 Muaj më parë
Wall art fire
Ka'raun Young
Ka'raun Young Muaj më parë
Did nobody notice dababy came in and looked around for 10 seconds and left
nash9010 nash9010
nash9010 nash9010 Muaj më parë
cash swag nasty 100
Rafael Salcido
Rafael Salcido Muaj më parë
Jesse forgot about the extra 500 for the shot
Sk8ter K1d
Sk8ter K1d Muaj më parë
Why do James look like that one 50 year old hillbilly uncle
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